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In 2008, The Town of Abingdon’s Town Council signed the Go Green Resolution. The Abingdon Go Green Committee was formed.

In this resolution, the Town of Abingdon, pledged to evaluate and examine ways to make progressive strides toward becoming “green”, more energy efficient and/or environmentally friendly, thereby enhancing the quality of life for the entire population of the Town of Abingdon.

In 2013, the Committee changed its name to Sustain Abingdon.  

Sustain Abingdon
Sustain Abingdon

A newly defined mission statement was adopted by the Town Council.

Abingdon is collaborating with sustainable communities across Virginia to bring innovative sustainable programs and ideas to Abingdon.

The Sustain Abingdon Committee consists of members from the private sector, including town employees, with a mission to make Abingdon a greener and more sustainable community.

Sustain Abingdon:

  • Encourages sustainable practices
  • Educates the community on environmental issues affecting Abingdon
  • Promotes environmental awareness
  • Promotes our local economy through Sustainable practices
  • Encourages policy changes, locally and statewide to promote sustainability practices

    Earth Day Youth Activities
    Earth Day Youth Activities

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