Committee Members

The Sustain Abingdon Committee Members

Sherrie Leab – Member – Chair                                                                          Sarita Moore TOA Dir. Wastewater Operations – Vice Chair    
Rick StatzerTOA Bulding Inspector/Sustainability Coordinator
Kevin Worley TOA Dir.  Outdoor Parks and Rec.                                         Tom McMullenMember
Barbara WilliamsonMember
Tim Wade – Member                                                                                                          Bradley Conkle – Member                                                                                   Missy Kalb   – Member                 
Nancy Head – Secretary / Volunteer                                                                Gina Patrick – Committee Volunteer                                                               Carol DossCommittee Volunteer        

Are you interested in becoming a Sustain Abingdon member?  Follow the link to an application, complete it, turn it in at the 1st floor window at Town Hall.  For more information, contact Rick Statzer at 276-628-3167.


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